Countdown of Hope: 17 Days – $10 Million Dollars and 39 More years to live?

17 Days – $10 Million Dollars and 39 More years to live?

Continued (from Day 18)…

This was the first time we met, or talked with, two out of three of our lawyers. They had flown in for our meeting. The house was clean, and I had food and snacks prepared.

They were all business.

Basically, they gave us the run down of what mediation was and what we should expect.

“They will start ridiculously low, like at $200,000, and we will start with a $10 million dollar demand. Then we’ll spend the time working back and forth trying to find common ground somewhere in between that. There will be a mediator whose job is to go between both rooms and tell each of us what the other party atmosphere is like.”

Then they let us know that the decision was completely up to us, and that they would be with us all the way no matter what we decided; however, they wanted to let us know that they thought if the corporation offered to settle for $1 million dollars, they strongly urged us to consider it. They said they really wanted us to at least have some funds for “a bridge” to help us get the help we needed as soon as possible.

This was a lot to take in all at once.  First of all, I do not remember any of us discussing the money potential of our case at all – not with each other, and not with our attorneys.  It had just always seemed so far away, and I was truly just trying to get the help I needed with what we had along the way. 

I had learned not to “get my hopes up” many times.  From waiting six months to get Social Security Disability benefits to start, to waiting months to get the State Department of Rehabilitation Services to begin helping, to never getting the Department of Disability Services to help (even after they said we were next on the wait list after two years)… I had been through many times of thinking help was on the way, to being extremely let down and discouraged. I learned to just quite expecting… or at least to try to.

Our attorneys had sent us to a medical “expert” some months back. This man was supposed to verify my husband’s injuries and put together some sort of life expense plan. However, we never received a copy of it or had anyone go over it with us at all.

This meeting with our attorneys was the first time we had heard anything about our case being a potential multi-million dollar lawsuit. It was a lot to process.

For one thing, I personally have maintained an irritation against lawsuits that I have heard about that award huge sums of monies for things that to me just seem out of proportion.  I was concerned about us being a party to something like that.

In addition, $10 million dollars?  Why would we need $10 million dollars?  We were in no way trying to retaliate or penalize this corporation.  We were just asking them to compensate for the true expenses we had incurred and were continuing to incur due to the situation.

They explained to us that my husband’s life plan had calculated all the expenses he would incur, due to his injury, over the next 39 years.  Apparently, they only planned for him to live another 39 years according to the statistics of his injury.

Now we are learning of a death prediction around 79 years old? This was quite a lot.

To be continued….

 ~ Little Lamb

(This series of posts, Countdown of Hope, is not related to my family in any way.  For the introduction to the story of the anonymous family I am posting for, please see .)


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