Stop – Blink – Ingest

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I miss the whole story of living if I refuse to stop-blink-and ingest the now moment of my life.
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Looking Glass Confessions: The Do-Over of My Life

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I was just preparing for bed.  I washed my hair, brushed my teeth, donned my gown and looked in the mirror.  It’s been a hard week and I’m feeling it tonight.  In fact, my feet and legs are swollen and … Continue reading

Journey above sea level – They called me “Bilbo Baggins”

Journey above sea level – They called me “Bilbo Baggins”

“You’re like Bilbo Baggins, Mom”, my son declared, as he shook his head and chuckled.  I had been researching online and reading whatever I could get my hands on since early in November.  I was planning for a field study … Continue reading

Timberland Restoration

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The day was cold and dreary and as she looked out into the pasture, the slight drizzle and grey blanket overhead sent a chill throughout her body.  Seth had been up since daylight and to her relief, had already built … Continue reading

Hundred Foot Journey

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Sapphires, emeralds and crystal were the words that came to mind as she gazed across the landscape.  Spring was in full bloom and somehow the thunderstorms yesterday made the greens look greener and the blues look deeper.  The water was … Continue reading

Daybreak Hunt with the Guys

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The air was cold and crisp, it almost hurt to take a deep breathe.  The night was waning and the stars were almost invisible with the rising sun, but the woods to the left were eerily still, and in misty … Continue reading

The Birthing of Who I Am

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Eternal is the cycle; nothing new exists in life. All things spring eternal as they journey left to right. One uplifts and hardens, under pressure and duress, While yet another succumbs and is consumed. Serenity calls out, across the waters, … Continue reading

When you “Just Don’t Feel Like It” ..

When you “Just Don’t Feel Like It” ..

When you “Just Don’t Feel Like It”   #DoItAnyway How many times have I been there?  Then I remember the men and women fighting around the world, for freedom, for peace, for the innocent. They don’t get that option … so … Continue reading

Trying to find the needle in a haystack

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Oddly, this is the first blog I’ve done of this sort.  I guess I say oddly because “what a strange way to accomplish the task”.  I’m on a search.  I’ve lost something very important to me, to my family, and … Continue reading

To My Future Wife

Ladies, have you ever been on a life journey and felt like you weren’t measuring up and “Mr. Right” would never want you even if he found you?

Maybe you are “Mr. Right” and thinking you don’t have much to offer. WRONG! The kind of encouragement this “Prince Charming” offered his unknown future wife is worth more value than all the treasures of the world.

Don’t give up! Don’t back down! Keep going!
The Father loves you and he’s got good plans for you!
All my heart,

Brett E. Shoemaker

Photo on 3-11-12 at 9.36 PM #2 How’s it lookin, good-lookin?

I don’t know who you are yet.  I don’t know what you look like.  I don’t know the color of your eyes.  I don’t know the color of your skin.  I don’t know your name.  There are a lot of things that I don’t know about you, but there are a couple of things that I want you to know.

You’re Already Beautiful.  Congratulations, babe, you did it.  You are already beautiful.  Seriously.  If beauty is a game, you’re a pro.  You are perfect already.  You were beautifully and wonderfully made.  You have nothing to fix.  Let me say that again, you have nothing to fix.  God did not mess-up on you.  I know what society is telling you.  “You have to look like this, wear this, and have this in order to be beautiful.” Nope.  You’re already beautiful.  Beauty is more than what…

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